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How To Set Your Ethereum Compatible Address on NeumCoin
Last Updated 11 months ago

Setting your Ethereum compatible address to receive the NeumCoin NEC Token is paramount and the most important aspect during our ICO.

Your Ethereum Compatible address can also be set during registration on the NeumCoin Platform and can as well be changed.

After the ICO, All NeumCoin Tokens purchased would be transferred from their NeumCoin Balance to their respective Ethereum Token address on the system.

If you do not have an ethereum compatible address or you probably don't know what it is on which wallet to receive the NeumCoin Token, Please go here.

Now that you have your Ethereum Compatible address.

Follow the steps to set your Ethereum Compatible address on NeumCoin Dashboard. Please note that you do not need to contact us in sending your tokens personally or within support as transfer would be automatically done after the ICO.

STEP 1: Login to your NeumCoin ICO Dashboard

STEP 2: On the sidebar of your NeumCoin Dashboard.

STEP 3: Click on Profile

STEP 4. Paste your Ethereum Compatible Address on the space provided field.

STEP 5: Click on UPDATE - You would automatically receive an email.

Please be informed after the ICO, you would not be able to change your Ethereum address again due to security reason.

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