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How To Buy NEUMCOIN Token on
Last Updated 11 months ago

NeumCoin comes with an exceptional user-friendly trading platform that is built for convenience and simplicity.

The platform is easy to understand and navigate and is not just favourable to experienced cryptocurrency participants, but also to newbies.

We would be explaining How To Purchase NeumCoin Tokens successfully during our ICO.

STEP 1: Login to your NeumCoin Account Dashboard.
You would need to enter your login credentials or if you are a new user, simply click here to register a new account.

STEP 2: On the NeumCoin Dashboard interface, by the sidebar, simply click on the BUY NEUMCOIN link. Please note that you would be redirected to the BUY INTERFACE where you would need to enter the amount of NEUMCOIN Tokens to purchase.

STEP 3: Enter the amount you wish to purchase. You don't need to add any comma sign or separator.
For example: enter 50000. Do not put any sign to it.
Click on NEXT Button below after entering the amount of tokens to purchase.

STEP 4: You would be brought to a Secured Purchased page. Simply send payments using ETHEREUM or BITCOIN to the generated addresses on the page.
Make sure you copy the EXACT AMOUNT of ETH or BTC to purchase and send to the generated address below.

STEP 5: Scroll down to the Secured Payment Page and enter your transaction details below such as your username, email, transaction method, date and transaction hash - After entering the details. Click on SEND PAYMENTS ALERT!

Your NEUMCOIN Wallet would be credited after review of your purchase, if there is any Current bonus allocated for that transaction, you would also be accrued to it and bonus tokens would also be added to your Wallet.

Please note that you can send and receive NeumCoin tokens within your wallet. All tokens in wallet would be sent to their respective Ethereum compatible address on the NeumCoin dashboard after ICO.

REMEMBER TO SHARE NEUMCOIN with your friends on social media. CLICK ON THE REFERAL LOG by the side bar to get your Referal link.

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