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Security and Strong Layer Encryption: How To Secure Your NeumCoin Wallet With 2FA Authentication
Last Updated 11 months ago

At NeumCoin, your security towards your funds remains paramount to us and this is the height of it all to guarantee your funds safety.

Many a users who come to our platform always find this as the main factor towards utilizing their tokens as Neumcoin is a decentralized and independent payment platform project.

Based entirely on mathematical calculations, designed to enable secure transactions between multiple parties. With maximum user security as a major point.

We would be explaining how you can secure your NeumCoin Wallet using a 2FA Authentication in your account.


STEP 1: Login to your NeumCoin Account Dashboard - If you do not have a NeumCoin account, simply go here to create a NeumCoin Account.

STEP 2: Click on the SECURITY Link by the sidebar of your NeumCoin Account.

On the SECURITY TAB Link, You would be required to DOWNLOAD the GOOGLE AUTHENTICATION APP.

STEP 4: Go to your Google PlayStore and download the APP. Open the APP and and click on SCAN BARCODE on your Google Authenticate APP you can use the generated key from your NeumCoin Account and enter the details in your APP.

STEP 5: The Google Authenticate APP would automatically detect the BARCODE generated
N.B: Please note that the BARCODE is only unique to your particular account and automatically generates a new key on any change at anytime to guarantee user maximum security.

STEP 6: After scanning, you can then go click on ENABLE TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATE in your account.

At any point in time you decide to gain access to your NeumCoin Wallet, you would be required to enter your generated Codes from the Google Authenticate App.

N.B: All NeumCoin accounts is accessed exclusively through an encrypted Tor Browser which has been designed inside the system for maximum security.

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