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How To Get Your NeumCoin Wallet Address
Last Updated 11 months ago

NeumCoin Proprietary Wallet addresses is just web wallet to allow our users in the platform make internal transfer and payments within the NeumCoin system. Such as investing it, transferring it to friends and making payments.

If you do require the NeumCoin NEC Token to your Ethereum Compatible Address, then you can make a WITHDRAWAL REQUEST From your NeumCoin Tokensale account. Withdrawals of NeumCoin Token would start processing after the NeumCoin ICO. See here for details..

Below is a step by step guide on how to generate your NeumCoin Wallet Address to receive payments.

How To Get Your NeumCoin Wallet Address

STEP ONE: Login to your NeumCoin Tokensale Account

STEP 2: Click on the REQUEST Button on the NeumCoin Wallet section.

STEP 3: On the pop up box, copy your NeumCoin Address and send, share or paste at any fields where your NeumCoin Address is required.

N.B: Your NeumCoin address automatically changes at every request you make.

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