Frequently Asked Questions

What is a NeumCoin?
Last Updated 11 months ago

NeumCoin is a new kind of cryptocurrency ‘bank’, an Ethereum based Token Blockchain Digital Payment coin, that enables the services as the traditional banking system in our brand assets as (NEC), such as a cryptocurrencies and tokens rather than everyday money we are used to seeing today (often referred to as fiat money). NeumCoin in addition, provides a service-payment platform; a link between the crypto-world and the fiat-world, opening up a brand of opportunities for our profound users to send and receive money, pay for services and good with our ‘NeumCoins’ as ‘cryptoassets’, and the merchant to receive funds fiat money for services such as telephone, utilities, penalties, loans, taxes, internet, and so on. In simple terms, NeumCoin bridges the gap for you to transaction our cryptocurrency (NeumCoin – NEC) in every day-to-day lives.

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