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What Is The Difference Between My NeumCard and my NeumCoin Wallet?
Last Updated 11 months ago

Let’s get this straight. The primary purpose of Digital Wallets is the transfer and storage of crypto assets such as NeumCoins.

Be that as it may be, its just like your savings account but with no interest added to it on monthly basis, or the transfer from one crypto wallet to another crypto wallet.

NeumCoin (NeumCard) offers so much more. As well as bridging the spending of your NeumCoin (wallet) in digital assets through the crypto2fiat exchange.

It provides an elaborate range of an added primary (crypto-mobile) banking services such as asset currency exchange, lending, cross border payments and acquiring services (the ability for a merchant to receive a payment other than cash) for companies based on our own payment infrastructure.

We also provide a link for developers to our crypto-payment platform through the OpenAPI.

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